What Is Windsailing

Learn how we help trees to stand strong even in severe windstorms and weather.

The Pacific Northwest provides the perfect environment for rapid tree growth.

Evergreen trees grow so much that the upper limbs and branches will have profuse bunches of needles that act as sails. In strong winds the trunk and main limbs are not strong enough to sustain the force that gets caught in the upper foliage. The limbs then crack, break, fall, and damage buildings and structures on their way to the ground.

Windsailing is the process of strategically shortening or removing limbs and branches so that the wind can pass through the trees more efficiently. It also entails removing duff (dead debris) held by the branches within the tree. This responsible tree thinning helps the trees to stay standing strong even through severe weather.

An added benefit of selectively thinning tree tops in this way is that it reduces the chance of limbs breaking under the weight of snow and ice. This is especially important at higher elevations where snow and ice build up is more likely.

Most wooded areas in need of windsailing should be professionally cared for at least once every five years.

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