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Stump Grinding

If tree roots are lifting or cracking your driveway or walkway we can remove the surface, grind out the roots and stump and prepare your site for new asphalt or concrete. Maybe the stump is in your drain field, leaning your fence or your tree is too close to the house, causing damage to the foundation. We can remove the stump to eliminate the problem.

When digging out a stump is not an option we offer a stump grinding service to remove the stump from tight quarters. Some recommend stump rot chemicals but when the chemical is not rotting your stump fast enough we recommend something safer and better for the environment. Grinding a stump will transform the sump and roots to small wood chips that can be left for feeding the soil or removed to make the area ready for a new planting of grass or shrubs. Stump grinders use a high speed disk with teeth to grind the stump above and below grade, we have the ability to grind 24 inches into the ground grinding not only the stump but the roots as well. We use a plywood bunker to create a shield to contain rocks and wood chips preventing damage to window, vehicles or the surrounding area.

Minimum cost for stump grinding service is $500.

Stump Grinder


We just start excavating a tree on the Mt. Si High School grounds.


And after all that hard work, the Mt. Si High School grounds look clean as new!

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