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Serving King, Pierce, Kitsap and Thurston Counties

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We Leave Your Land Level and Ready

At Sky High Tree Removal in Auburn, we take immense pride in not just getting the job done, but doing it the right way. When we excavate stumps from your property, we don’t just stop there. We also ensure that we fill in the area and level it off so that it’s ready for planting, replacement concrete, or any type of project that you have planned. We also take great care to ensure that none of our equipment damages your property. When you hire us for excavating, you can rest assured that we will leave your property looking better than when we arrived. If you are in need of excavating and land leveling services in King, Pierce, Kitsap or Thurston County, contact Sky High Tree Removal today. 

Reasons to Hire Sky High Tree Removal for Your Excavation Needs

  • We take care to not damage your property in any way
  • We can excavate any kind of ground
  • We have the proper equipment and experience to get the job done right
  • We are fully licensed and insured
  • We uphold a high standard of excellence for our employees and our work

Lot Clearing




Excavating a residential location is much different than a construction site. When would you consider excavating in place of stump grinding? The answer is when you want an area with no visible sign that there were stumps or roots in the area.

Removal of a stump with grinding can leave unsettled areas. With excavation services from Sky High Tree Removal, we dig into the soils removing any stumps, roots, wood, large rocks, or debris. Then we fill and level the area with topsoil to make ready for planting. All material is loaded into the trucks and hauled away. We dispose of any stumps, roots, wood, or unwanted large stones. Often our excavating contractors are called in to remove cracked or broken concrete that has been disrupted by the growth of roots under the concrete. When excavating the area, a big objective is to remove the material that has disturbed the concrete and make it ready for new or replacement concrete or asphalt. When we leave the site is ready for your concrete or asphalt replacement.

We protect your property. At your home or business, you want to remove unwanted stumps or roots while protecting your yard and landscape. Our equipment is on rubber tracks but we still lay ¾ plywood to cover over any drain fields or driveways. We create our own roadway access to the work area and protect your property leaving it in better condition than when we arrived.

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