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Schools, Airports, and Parks

Expert Tree Management

Contracting with Sky High Tree Removal gives you access to scheduled, proper tree care from an experienced, Northwest professional tree service. We can regularly maintain the trees, hedges and other structures around commercial and governmental properties, schools and properties managed by HOA and condo associations.

Damaged Trees

Sometimes trees, brushes, bushes and hedges around commercial, governmental and residential properties suffer from vandalism or environmental damage due to heavy rain or wind storms. Our Washington Arborist knows which damaged trees can be successfully treated, balanced with cables and braces or removed.

Tree Removals, Stump and Root Grinding and Extractions

Sadly, there are times when trees cannot be relocated or replanted.  In these cases, our tree removal service can completely excavate trees of almost any size. We perform crane extractions for large trees in tight places without damaging nearby trees, buildings or other structures. Also, we can grind and extract tough roots and stumps that are causing walkways and driveways to lift, or so that new driveways can be poured. Of course, we also can remove brush, dead trees, hazardous trees, logs, hedges, broken branches, limbs and much more.

Let us handle it!

Urban Logging

Sky High Tree Removal is committed to protecting our Northwest environment by adopting an efficient approach to using trees that might otherwise be underutilized, used for firewood or discarded altogether in landfills. Whenever applicable, we practice Urban Logging – a growing, exciting development in professional tree firms.  The potential benefits of using local tree sources, as opposed to hauling lumber from outside the immediate area include a savings of the cost of the fuel needed to transport external lumber, as well as a decrease in the number of trees removed from distant forests.

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