Public Facilities

Public Facilities – Schools, Airports, and Parks

Expert Tree Management

Contracting with Sky High Tree Removal gives you access to scheduled, proper tree care from an experienced, Northwest professional tree service. We work best with properties managed by HOA and condo associations on a yearly maintenance plan.

Damaged Trees

Trees can be damaged by lots of different kinds of weather events. The question is, what to do after the damage is done? Whether the top bent over or a section peaked out and left a gaping hole in the shape of your tree. We have solutions to offer you the best long term results for your trees!! Trees are a lot like people in the way that some are sick on the inside and you can’t see the symptoms on the outside; yet if you are interested in the condition of your trees call for a tree risk assessment today.

Tree Removals, Stump and Root Grinding and Extractions

We recognize that ideally trees would be preserved, left alone, relocated, or even maintained, but there are times that these options are not applicable. In these cases, we offer a complete tree removal service where we can remove everything. We are properly equipped to take on the most challenging of trees out with cranes or remove the hardest to access in backyards or in courtyards by hand or wheelbarrow. In areas with lots of space we can dig out stumps with heavy equipment, or in areas that are harder to access, we have a stump grinder that can fit through a three foot gate and grind as deep as 20 inches into the ground.

Urban Logging

Sky High Tree Removal is committed to protecting our Northwest environment by adopting an efficient approach to using trees that might otherwise be underutilized, used for firewood or discarded altogether in landfills. Whenever applicable, we practice Urban Logging – a growing, exciting development in professional tree firms. The potential benefits of using local tree sources, as opposed to hauling lumber from outside the immediate area include a savings of the cost of the fuel needed to transport external lumber, as well as a decrease in the number of trees removed from distant forests.

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