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Serving King, Pierce, Kitsap and Thurston Counties

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Safe and Quick 24/7 Emergency Tree Removal

Has a tree fallen on your property due to heavy winds, ice and snow, or rot? The team at Sky High Tree Removal can help. If a tree has fallen, or is in danger or falling, we can safely and efficiently remove the tree while preventing as much additional damage as possible. Whether you had a tree fall on your garage during a storm through the night, a fallen tree is blocking your driveway, or you have a tree that is severely damaged and is in danger of falling on your home, we can help.

Contact Sky High Tree Removal Services today for our emergency tree removal services. We service Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia and all points between like Kent, Renton, Tukwila, Sea-Tac and of course Auburn Washington.



Reasons to Choose Sky High Tree Removal for Demolition and Lot and Land Clearing

  • We have the experience, expertise, and equipment to remove trees safely 
  • We will do everything in our power to ensure that there is no additional damage to your property
  • We are licensed and insured
  • We are hardworking, professional, and honest
  • We take immense pride in our work and always provide you with quality tree services for a fair price

Emergency Tree Removal

At Sky High Tree Removal, we offer emergency tree removal for when a tree on your property unexpectedly falls. Whether the tree has landed on your home, your car, another structure, or is blocking your driveway or even the road, our tree removal experts at Sky High Tree Removal can help. We have the proper equipment, tools, training, and experience to remove fallen trees without causing any further damage to your property, and we can do it quickly and efficiently. If you live in Pierce County, King County, or Thurston County and are in need of emergency tree removal, contact Sky High Tree Removal today.

Reasons You May Need Emergency Tree Removal

Trees can be damaged and unexpectedly fall for a number of reasons. Trees can become sick, endure damage during a storm, or can even fall victim to a pest problem. No matter why the tree on your property has fallen, Sky High Tree Removal can help.

  • Heavy winds during a storm can cause a tree to fall
  • Snow and ice can become too heavy
  • Rot can weaken a tree
  • Rain can saturate the ground and cause a tree to unexpectedly fall
  • Trees can become sick or even fall victim to pests

Why You Should Hire Professionals for Tree Removal

In the event that a tree falls on your property — it is time to bring in the professionals for help. Trying to remove a fallen tree by yourself can cause further damage to your home and you risk harm to you, your family, your neighbors, and anyone else around. Emergency tree removal is a job that is best left for the professionals.


If a tree has fallen on your property, it is always best to hire a professional tree removal company like Sky High Tree Removal to keep you and your family safe. Trees must be removed in a certain way, and as a professional tree service company, we have the experience, training, and the correct equipment to do the job effectively and safely. Don’t risk the safety of your family, neighbors, or yourself just to save a few bucks.

Prevent Further Damage

When a tree falls in your yard, there is a chance that it has fallen on your home, car, garage, or shed. Trying to remove the tree on your own could cause further damage to your property. When you hire a professional tree removal company like Sky High Tree Removal, you can be sure that we will do everything in our power to prevent any further damage to your property.

We Have Extensive Experience

Professional tree removal experts have experience in removing trees that you most likely do not. We are less likely to make mistakes, damage your property, or hurt ourselves or anyone else. We remove fallen trees for a living — let us handle the emergency tree removal for you.

We have the Right Tools and Equipment

When you hire the professionals at Sky High Tree Removal, we already have the right tools and equipment to do the job. This equipment makes our job possible and much safer then you trying to remove the tree on your own.

In Sun, Rain, or Snow — We’re Ready to Go!

We offer 24 Hour emergency tree removal services to remove broken and damaged trees. Whether the damage is caused by a storm, a damaged tree, or a rotted tree that has unexpectedly fallen over, our expert tree removal contractors can take care of it! We have the personnel, trucks, and tarps ready to remove fallen trees and cover any damaged structures so as to prevent further water damage from rain or snow. In winter and spring, rain can saturate the soil and make trees unstable. Then, wind or heavy, wet snow can cause the trees to fall on your home, business, road, or sidewalk access. Trees don’t just fall during storms. They are at risk of falling even when you don’t expect it. If very large trees are involved in emergency service projects, we employ a vertical lift using a crane. This is the best way to protect against additional damage to the property. Oftentimes, any emergency tree removals involving downed trees on buildings require cranes to perform the removals. We work with knowledgeable riggers to remove the tree without always needing a crane, and without causing further damage. At Sky High Tree Removal, we would prefer to remove the tree for you before it has fallen. However, if it’s already down, we are still the ones to call. Our experienced team of Auburn tree contractors has the tools and knowledge to remove the tree without causing further damage. No matter where the tree has fallen on your property, contact us at Sky High Tree Removal to safely and quickly remove it.

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