What is Urban Logging?

Logging is the activity or business of cutting and transporting trees to prepare them to be processed into lumber. Urban Logging is a similar process, but the trees cut here are often located within city limits. It is often hard to see some of these trees go. Whether it was previously swing secure points or a shade provider, trees add their own charm to our often concrete jungles. Nevertheless, there are many reasons why it is better to remove a tree than let it continue to cause problems (like tree death, disease, or damage). We hope to do more with the tree than scrap it to firewood or mulch. With urban logging, a stand of trees or even just a few can be alternatively utilized while enhancing the property. Depending on the trees, mills are often happy to make use of the viable wood as plywood, flooring, furniture, etc.

Tree removal is often a complicated business. Urban logging, however, is a new realm of complexity. Taking down trees near buildings (business or homes), streets and parking lots requires special extraction techniques and machinery. In these scenarios, major focus rests on strategy and efficiency. Because of the populated areas, quick cleanup is necessary and down time needs to be limited. With great leadership, highly-trained professional staff, and specialized machinery, urban logging is a challenge we look forward to undertaking. Feel free to call give us a call and we would love to give you a free consultation to discuss what could be done with the trees on your lot.

Need help with removing trees?

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