Sometimes Tree Removal is Free to the Property Owner

Recently the team went to a home where the owner stated that a tree limb was blocking light to his garden.

The team inspected the area and found that in addition to the tree limb issue, there was another tree on the lot that needed to be removed because it was dead. Plus, it was pointed out that removal of the one limb would not be enough to fix the light issue for the garden. The whole tree needed to come down.

The team recommended removal of the dead tree and the whole living tree that was blocking light to the garden area.

The owner approved.

The work was performed. And the owner was thrilled to learn that there would be no cost to him because the one living tree was healthy enough, tall enough, and of the right quality to be sold as export logs.

If you have an issue with getting light onto your property due to tall timbers, contact us to schedule a site visit. We will help you find a solution.

Note: Typically it takes four log trucks filled with 28 logs each to result in no charge to the property owner/manager.