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Firewood was once a necessity for all but now is an enjoyment for some and an alternate heating source for others.  Sky High Tree Removal works diligently to use every component of the tree we harvest. As part of our way to reduce landfill waste we began to offer firewood to our customers.  Our fire wood is aged and cut to 16” length and delivered to your location. There are many types of wood and they produce varying BTU’s.  Most of our wood is mixed since we take down so many species of trees in neighborhoods. We also offer a Douglas fir option only.

We have many returning customers who place their annual firewood order with us. Call now to place your order 253-797-3621 or submit this form. The most economic delivery is a 3 cord delivery but we do deliver as few as a one cord unit. Our service area is South King County. Call now to place your order.


Cord: 4’ X 4’ X 8’, a unit of measure approximating 128 cubic feet. 


Firewood Rack System

Recommended Firewood Rack: it’s simple, flexible, and effective.
Steel brackets and 2x4s allow you to assemble a firewood rack to fit your space and needs. The steel brackets we recommend can be ordered from Woodland Direct. The 2x4s can be acquired from any home center or lumber yard.

Firewood Sales Inquiry

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