Raking Season

Are you tired of raking up piles of leaves in your yard every year?

We know you have better things to do with your time than spending hours upon hours raking every Fall. So, we understand if you’re ready for the trouble making trees in your yard to come down.

Thankfully, we specialize in taking down trees to eliminate big leaf mess!

Deciduous trees like Big Leaf Maple, Cottonwoods, Alders or Oaks are some of the biggest culprits for outdoor clutter. If you have one of these or any other trees that are causing you strife, give us a call at 253-797-3621 or complete our free quote form and we’ll determine how we can best help you!

Worried about the tree being too close to your house to take down safely? No need! We practice urban logging, so your property will be safe while we’re taking the tree down.