Introducing Joshua Wilke

Leading a team takes passion, direction, and skill. Leading a business requires all those things and more.

Joshua Wilke has been growing Sky High Tree Removal for 14 years. Having opened in the Spring of 2005, a majority of his focus has been on getting jobs, doing jobs, and completing transactions. Joshua shows little hesitation when sharing his heart for his business and for the people he has been able to bless with its services.

Joshua has been climbing trees for a long time. He jokes about the many times he’s fallen out of trees and landed on his feet. It wasn’t long until the neighbors and people from school started to equate Joshua with the talented tree climber he is. Whether his buddies from school were asking for help to secure a rope swing or his neighbor was looking for a couple limbs trimmed, young Joshua fed on the excitement of climbing trees.

Years later, he still feeds on excitement, but now of a different kind. He loves the connections and community he has developed with people. Including employees, clients, or other business owners, Joshua thrives in guiding and encouraging everyone around him to grow. By helping others to develop, he finds growth for himself. While he’s always had a personality people gravitate towards, stepping into a leadership role did not come naturally to him. Joshua sought out mentors and to help focus his efforts and strengthen his planning. He has grown in his confidence to a point where he now spends great energy mentoring others, and not just those related to his business but also within non-profit agencies.

Joshua still has many aspirations for his business. He intends to establish greater efficiency by moving out of his home and into a designated business location. Establishing everything in one location has been an ambition of Joshua’s for a while and something he aims to accomplish within the next 5 years or so.

Still, Joshua’s favorite thing about his job is the sound of a tree roaring as it crashes down. Something about the controlled chaos enthralls this tree care professional. He mentions the rush he experiences as he scrambles to take the earplugs out before the tree cracks so that he can bear witness to the snap.

Everything Joshua does reflects his commitment to be the best version of himself. A wise quote by Brian Tracy goes, “Your true success in life begins only when you make the commitment to become excellent at what you do.” (even the procedure of clean-up after a job is done). Joshua and his company aim to leave the yards of their clients “cleaner than a golf course”, to go above and beyond and over-deliver every time. Joshua does this not just as a business model but as a personal conviction.

Joshua is enthusiastic, joyful and passionate. He has been a real blessing to work with. We just want to take a moment to introduce you to our owner and celebrate this leader and friend.

To get to know Joshua and the rest of the team better, consider hiring them for any of your tree care needs. [call-link text=”Give them a call at %number%.”]