Introducing Jared

The things that steer your career path are not often what you might expect.

Our very own, Jared Swears, saw a sign on the side of a Sky High Tree Removal truck parked at a neighbor’s house while a job was underway. Jared knew, Joshua Wilke, the business owner and the good reputation of the business in the community. He jotted down the phone number from the truck’s signage and when he turned 18, he gave Joshua a call to ask whether they might be hiring. Not only were they hiring, they were eager to help Jared launch into a new career.

Jared remembers that initially he was afraid of heights. But his hard working and adventurous spirit, kept him from shying away from the challenge and soon he was climbing even the tallest of trees with efficiency, speed and joy.

Today, almost four years later, Jared is serving Sky High Tree Removal’s customers as an estimator, crew leader, maintenance executive, climber, and equipment operator. He knows that each climber looks at a single tree differently, assessing the different possibilities: where to make cuts and how much rope to use. Based on his experience, Jared confidently proceeds with what he believes is the fastest and most efficient steps to get each job done. Aside from being a wonderful group of nice friendly guys, Jared wants clients to see that he and his team aim for high quality service and timeliness from start to finish, including clean up. They show up, get done, and leave.

A native Northwesterner, Jared loves that his career allows him to be outside. He loves watching the seasons change as each day brings different views. He brings his all to everything he does. Whether it be his in his work or hiking, snowboarding, or motorcycling, Jared loves to push himself to grow even in his free time.

Meet Jared and the rest of our wonderful team for yourself.

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