Introducing Caleb Kiburn

Caleb is a valued member of our Sky High Tree Removal team. Introduced to Joshua through a friend of a friend, Caleb has sharpened his talents over the course of the last five years. Caleb has worked as a climber and heavy rigging and equipment operator. When it comes to climbing and cutting trees, Caleb enjoys the technical aspects of the work, such as problem-solving. There are many types of situations that require our services, but sometimes these jobs have limited access or some kind of obstruction that can make our usual efforts more difficult. When this happens, the job requires people like Caleb, those willing to think critically about getting the job done effectively and efficiently. Caleb brings attention to detail and vigor to every job.

When he is not outside climbing trees at work, Caleb still enjoys being outside. You can find him riding his motorcycle, hiking, camping, wheeling, racing, and shooting.

Caleb knows that clients appreciate every effort he and his team make to return the job site in excellent levels of cleanliness. Caleb and the rest of us at Sky High Tree Removal are excited to see this company grow. Here’s to his next five+ years with Sky High!

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