Don’t Get Caught Behind the Buds — Less Mess

We’ve all seen those cute pictures of dogs jumping into the piles of raked leaves, and we’ve all quietly thought to ourselves that so much work just went to waste. While dogs in leaf piles are picturesque anywhere else, we all know that leaves don’t make themselves into pretty little piles here in the Seattle area. The leaves here are too wet and sloppy to make into any sort of pile that we will let our dogs jump into for a photo-op just so that later we’ll have to rake them all over again.

If you’re sick of cleaning up those nasty, wet leaves from your deciduous trees, you should consider having us cut the trees down before they make a mess in Spring.

Some deciduous trees that will make the biggest messes include maples, cottonwoods, and alders. If you schedule for us to cut down this type of tree before they bud and bloom, we will discount the fee because we will have less mess to clean up and as such can get the job done more quickly.

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