Aged Out Bigleaf Maples Assessed Before the Buds

Recently, a woman contacted us at Sky High Tree Removal because she had read the service page on our website about the discount for removing trees before they start budding in Spring.

We sent our arborist to her property, and the arborist identified the trees as bigleaf maples. These bigleaf maples had grown too close together for years. Because they grew too close to each other, they started to do something that loggers refer to as “school marming,” which is when trees try to grow into one another.

Though fascinating, “school marming” can lead to many issues that compromise tree health. When trees are that close together, moisture from rain and snow is trapped in places of the trees for long periods of time. This moisture promotes fungus growth and general decay known as “core rot.”

In the case of these two bigleaf maples, they were labeled as “aged-out maples” by the arborist, meaning they were experiencing some of the issues caused by “school marming” and needed to be removed.

We recommended they be removed before they had a chance to fall, especially because they were near fences and houses. We brought in a lift and other special equipment to take them down safely and efficiently.

Because we were able to remove these trees before they budded, we gave the client a discount!

If you have trees that you think might be “school marming” and are at risk of decay, consider having us remove them. If we remove them before they bud, you’ll get a discount!

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