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With over 15 years of experience we have earned a reputation as a tree company specializing in tree removal.  Are you looking to clear a stand of trees or selected trees from the project site? Do you need a trees removed that have a tight fall line or a tree leaning in a direction so that you need a true tree feller who can drop the tree safely and in the right direction? Do you have that tree that is overreaching the property, encroaching on the neighboring property?  Call Sky High Tree Removal.

We are proud to say that nearly all the contractors and developers we work with have come to us through referral, from other in the market who know our quality and attention to safety. We carry insurance limits that qualify us to work on commercial projects, airports, schools and city, state or federal projects. (coming soon – Insurance certificate link) We use the right equipment to do the job quickly and effectively to keep your project moving.  Thank you for using us on your next project!

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